Whether your household move is across the street, or across country or across the globe. The Seven Seas Relocations Pvt. Ltd. has professional ability and experience to handle all the arrangements for a local or long distance move of any volume from door to door. Through our associates and those of your priced belongings are assured of a safe, secured and completely coordinated move.

Export :

International moving presents challenges that are not encountered in domestic shipping. The increased physical stresses on an international shipment require unique packing and loading skills as well as a detailed knowledge of all facets of transportation systems and a myriad of import and export regulations.

Seven Seas Relocations Personal Move Counselors will assist you in every phase of the move process including:

Import :

Import of household goods and motor vehicle are permitted free of duty on presentation of custom duty exemption certificate issued by the concerned diplomatic mission and countersigned by the government of India. The Diplomatic personnel should contact their mission for issuance of custom duty exemption.

Transfer of Residence Benefits
Foreign or Indian Nationals, including Non resident Indian transferring residence to India are allowed to import their household effects.

Domestic transportation for household goods is done as per Indian standards through associate transporters for all locations within the country. Cars are sent in car trailers.

Insurance for Local, domestic and international move can be arranged. In case of any claims the entire paperwork and co-ordination with the insurance company is assisted.

Two types of storage:
Transit warehousing and long term warehousing. Transit warehousing service takes care of warehousing when a client is moving from origin to destination but the location at destination is not ready. This may vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Long term warehousing however takes care of storage needs when a client is moving to a location for a much longer duration and does not want to carry his belongings. SEVEN SEAS RELOCATIONS provides him with storage worthy packing and a safe place for his goods for as long as he wants.

We do the car movement by specially equipped car carrier and your vehicle is always in the safe hands.

PetRelocation is in the business of handling the complete relocation needs of your pets, wherever and whenever they must be transported.

We are here to assist you with all aspects of your animals travel. Whether you are looking for assistance with your pet's relocation, or looking to transport your pets, our experienced team has the ability to move any animal, anywhere in the world.